bondbers.com Hook and Loop Number Display System were made to make the life of a competitive sportsmen easier. bondbers.com can display your assigned numbers with ease. No more safety pins!

Our interchangeable number display systems are attached ONCE allowing the numbers to be changed and switched as much as you please. bondbers.com offers 3 different size packages that include numbers 0 through 8 (flipping the number 6 to get 9). The three different packages are: The 3 number package, the 4 number package, and the 5 number package. Our Hook and Loop Number Display System has been rigorously tested for durability and to be clearly seen from long distances. bondbers.com is a reliable product made to easily and painlessly display numbers for athletes and the equestrian community. From the first time you use the bondbers.com numbers display system, you’ll be HOOKED!