In the world of competition sports, displaying numbers can be difficult and frustrating. As of today in many competitive sports, your only option is to secure numbered papers to your shirt, saddle pads, harness, etc., with safety pins!

Pricking yourself with these needles can be inconvenient and the paper cards placed on the side of the bridle can easily spook horses in the equestrian competitions. There are other number display systems that consist of clear pockets in which you can slide the numbers into. These pockets, however, create a glare and are extremely hard to see when a horse is moving away around the course.

bondbers.com was created to ease these irritating issues. The idea came in 2006, when an equestrian worker pricked his finger while securing the numbered paper cards to the saddle pad of his horse with safety pins. After doing this so many times for each competition, he thought to himself, “There has to be an easier way to display these numbers!”

Here is where we introduce bondbers.com Hook and Loop Number Display System. Each Loop patch can be sewn on or glued to the shirt, saddle, or surface just ONCE. While each Hook Number Panel displays bold black numbers that are easily interchangeable for each race, tournament, or competition. The Hook material is also facing inward so there is no risk of damaging garments or long riding jackets! Our numbers have been highly tested for the perfect spacing and dimensions for long distance viewing. No matter where you may be sitting, you will be able to clearly see the bold bondbers.com numbers.

bondbers.com created this number display system to be completely washable, weather proof, and highly durable. We guarantee your bondbers.com Hook and Loop Number Display System will last through rain and shine!1